College Football: Week 4

This was supposed to be a relaxing week for college football.  No huge top ten match ups, no trip up game for Alabama.  And yet, there was one big upset, and one game that should have been an upset.  Let’s get to it!

As a Sooner fan, I love seeing OSU go down at home to TCU.  I was playing football myself during this game, so I only caught the very end on the radio.  TCU is my team of the week.  Flying under the radar by being in the same conference as OU and OSU, they went on the road and won against a tough ranked opponent.  OU better watch out for them in November, because the Horned Frogs love winning big games on the road.  Speaking of the Sooners…..

41 points.  How. On. Earth.  Do you give up 41 points to a team that lost to Liberty and UTSA (no clue what that stands for).  I imagine somewhere, Bob Stoops is still screaming at his brother Mike to figure it out.  The Sooners will always be a threat with Mayfield and company on offense, but the thought of facing OSU and TCU should sober the Sooners.  They say there is no such thing as a bad win, but this is as close as it gets.

Moving on to schools who aren’t in Oklahoma, did you see that Penn St-Iowa game?  That was fun.  Saquon Barkley is the best running back I’ve seen in a long time.  Typically, when announcers talk about one player all game long (besides Baker) I get annoyed, but Saquon has my vote for Heisman.  Against an Iowa defense that kept the game close, Barkley consistently made jaw dropping lateral runs for yardage.  He had over 300 all purpose yards, and consistently kept drives alive in the 4th quarter.  Can’t wait to watch this guy on Sundays.  This was a terrific win for Penn St, but I loved watching Iowa’s linebackers relentlessly make plays all game.

I’m no FSU fan, but I feel bad for the Seminoles.  They lost their starting QB the first game of the season, and then lost to NC State today to start the season 0-2.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they were unranked after this week.

Florida beat Kentucky 28-27 after Kentucky missed a long FG.  That makes it 31 straight wins for the Gators.  Florida will continue to be a footnote in the SEC barely squeaking out games on a consistent basis.  Look for Georgia vs. Bama in the SEC championship game.

Time for a rant!  *Jerry Seinfeld voice* What’s with all the criticism of kids showing emotion?  Baker Mayfield planting the OU flag against Ohio State, a NC State player spitting on the FSU emblem, and Trace McSorley punting the ball after taking the victory formation against Iowa.  These are 19 to 22 year olds playing an intense game.  I don’t want to hear about bad sportsmanship.  Let these guys have fun!  If you don’t want a player taunting or celebrating, beat them.

And on another note, can someone please let every major network know we’ve seen Penn St. TE Mike Gesicki dunking a basketball?  There is literally nothing less impressive than watching a tall person dunk in a gym with no defense.  Did you guys know Antonio Gates played basketball?

USC and Clemson started slow, but both won.  It’s going to be interesting to see if USC continues to remain in close games.  Clemson has a big game coming up against Virginia Tech, who remain undefeated.  Hopefully it’s better than that Louisville game.

Air Force lost a home game to SDSU.  Colorado is only losing by 3 right now to Washington.  That would be a huge win for Ralphie.

Iowa has a children’s hospital close to the stadium so the kids can watch the football games.  Which is awesome.  I love how frequently they talked about it on the broadcast.  As a parent, there is nothing harder than watching your child struggle.  Hopefully, the game gave some relief to families, if only for a short time.

Seriously, 41 points?

See you next week!


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