College Football: Week 5

A day late on this.  So sorry!

USC’s inconsistent play finally caught up to them.  I won’t play revisionist history here; I’m still surprised Washington St. won, but kudos to them.  A huge win for the program, and if they can remain unbeaten until the showdown with Washington, they have a great chance to win the Pac-12 North, and maybe the Pac-12 outright.  Rough outing for Sam Darnold, who has thrown 8 interceptions this year.  USC has made good strides the last few years to get back to being a competitive program, but they still have work to do.

Alabama and Clemson are the best two teams in football.  I think the average football fan wants new teams in the playoff each year, but I think it would be great to see the two powerhouses meet in the championship for the third straight year.

Woe to SEC teams that aren’t Georgia and Alabama.  LSU lost to Troy yesterday.  At home. Les Miles being fired was supposed to be the low point.  This school has a long way to go in getting back to competing for the SEC title every year.  And Tennessee got shut out.  At home.  I feel bad for both of these programs, and especially the fans.  It’s hard to have devastating losses in September.  Props to Georgia though.  They should win the SEC East, and we’ll see how they stand up to Alabama in the SEC championship game, assuming both teams make it.

Extra Points

Several teams were off this week who are highly ranked in CFB.  Besides USC going down, there wasn’t much that changed in the top ten this week.

Credit Oklahoma State for bouncing back.  Mason Rudolph is a great QB, and he made several great plays against an underrated Texas Tech team on the road.  I expect to see him playing on Sundays.

Next week looking forward to West Virginia vs. TCU and Michigan vs. Michigan St.  And don’t sleep on Maryland vs. Ohio St.

See you next week!

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