NFL Week 4 Recap

Me again.  Watching Sunday Night Football (which is actually pretty good), I thought I’d start writing about the NFL too.  Here we go!

Way to go Broncos.  You beat the hated Raiders at home.  I bet no one predicted EJ Manuel would almost lead a game winning drive in the 4th quarter, but Denver held on to win thanks to great defense all game long.  As a Bronco fan, I find myself wondering how long Denver will stick with Trevor Siemian in the long run.  The offensive line doesn’t give him much help.  Still, more and more he is looking like a slightly better version of Kyle Orton. With the defense in Denver, that might be enough for this season. Looking forward, Denver has Chad Kelly, Paxton Lynch, Brock Osweiler and Siemian on the roster. Siemian is signed through the 2018 season.  Lynch looks like a bust in limited action, and who knows if Kelly will ever be a part of the active roster.  I’d be surprised if Osweiler was retained after this year.  Trevor apologists will make excuses all day for him.  The offensive line, injuries, learning a new offense, etc.  Last year after the Cincinnati game, people were saying he was the next coming of Tom Brady.  A similar sentiment was expressed after a great game against a depleted Dallas secondary.  I want to see a full season out of the 7th round pick before passing judgement one way or the other.

What on earth is going on with New England’s defense?  They’re giving up over 30 points a game and have lost 2 of 3 home games.  Matt Patricia is a great defensive coach, but this unit, and specifically the secondary, are making several boneheaded plays resulting in huge chunks of yardage for the opposing offense.  Coming up next are the Bucs, on Thursday night.  Tom Brady is still terrific, and he will keep the Patriots in games all season.  But if the Pats lose on Thursday and drop to 2-3, it’s going be panic city in Bean Town.

How about those Rams?  Seven field goals plenty of Cooper Kupp leads to an upset of the Cowboys on the road.  While the Chargers are horrible, the other team in La La land is exciting under new coach Sean McVay.  Ezekiel Elliot had a great game today, and I think Dak Prescott deserves the hype he gets, but there are times when the Cowboys offense just looks lost when Zeke doesn’t get a big gain on first down.  Jason Witten has disappeared the last two weeks.  In a division with the Eagles and Redskins, Dallas will have plenty of time to recover, but they don’t look like the powerhouse of the NFC like last year.  That defense can’t be looking forward to Aaron Rodgers next week.

Russell Wilson is ridiculous.  He never gets down on himself after turnovers, and always extends plays.  When I hear that there is division between offense and defense in Seattle, I know it can’t be directed at Wilson.  He is the heart of that team.

Extra Points

Did you guys see Jay Cutler in the Wildcat lined up at wide receiver?  Google it.  It’s pretty funny.

What 0-4 team is the worst?  Cleveland, NYG, LAC, or 49ers?  San Francisco has to want Sam Darnold more than all the above teams.  People are saying it’s sad to see Philip Rivers play in a soccer stadium towards the end of his career.  I’ve seen Rivers win plenty of games against Denver to say I’m not shedding any tears for #17.

The Bills and Lions are two vastly underrated 3-1 teams.  Can’t say I thought the Jets and Patriots would be behind the Bills in the AFC East.  That defense in Buffalo is special.  And the Lions are a half yard away from being undefeated.  Can’t wait to see them play the Packers and see if they’re legitimate.

Great game tomorrow night.  The Chiefs and Kareem Hunt are playing great football so far.  Can Washington slow them down at all and keep pace in the NFC East?

Deshaun Watson is ridiculous.  Bill O’Brien comes off to me the same way Josh McDaniels did when he was head coach in Denver.  I don’t know the context, but he was berating a reporter after a game in which his team scored 57 points.  Dude.  Chill out.

If you have season tickets and are protesting the NFL, please give them to me.  I’m not bothered by guys kneeling, sitting, or raising a fist during the anthem.

See you next week!


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